Mastering Returns Management: Proven Strategies for Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) stands as a transformative force for sellers, providing access to its extensive customer base and managing storage, shipping, and customer service. This allows sellers to concentrate on product development. However, a notable challenge persists: returns management and stranded inventory. 

To overcome this obstacle, mastering returns management becomes crucial. Implementing an efficient quality control system boosts customer satisfaction and strengthens the bottom line. This involves exploring software solutions and optimizing return policies. 

Axion Prep is a profit recovery service that has been designed to meet the needs of Amazon FBA sellers. The service helps overcome the return bottleneck by offering a comprehensive solution that effectively manages returns and removal orders. 

Our comprehensive guide offers strategies for perfecting returns and removal management, thereby improving business efficiency and cultivating customer trust in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Boosted Customer Loyalty: Axiom Prep’s streamlined returns and inventory management enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring a smooth returns experience, fostering repeat business, and bolstering your brand’s reputation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing returns analytics, Axiom Prep helps sellers understand customer preferences, pinpoint product issues, and refine inventory strategies. This leads to smarter decisions, better inventory allocation, and lower return frequencies.
  • Advanced Returns Management Technology: With Axiom Prep’s cutting-edge software and skilled team, sellers can easily navigate the complexities of returns and unfillable inventory, leading to higher efficiency, improved customer experiences, and significant cost reductions. This technology enables features like automated listing on alternative platforms, real-time status updates, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Exploring the Returns Management Landscape

Despite its pivotal role in e-commerce and a healthy supply chain, the significance of returns management extends beyond logistics. A well-managed returns process can significantly increase customer lifetime value by improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Imagine a customer returning an item only to face a complicated, time-consuming process. What are the chances they’ll make another purchase in the future? Now, contrast this with a seamless, efficient returns process where the customer is kept informed at every stage.

Luckily, Amazon meets those needs effectively, but what happens to those many returns and how does your business overcome the financial loss? Axiom gives you options.


What Sets Axiom Apart?

Why choose Axiom Prep? Let’s take a look at how they handle removal orders.

Streamlined Process of Returns and Removals

Axiom Prep excels in quickly processing returns and removals. Their dedicated team carefully inspects, photographs, and lists all  items in a client-accessible portal. This process ensures the utmost clarity while assisting sellers in better managing their inventory. 

Tailored Inventory Solutions

Sellers want options. Axiom Prep gives sellers control with varied inventory management options. Whether it’s returning goods to Amazon FBA, selling on eBay, or ensuring eco-friendly disposal, the choice is yours. They also offer additional services like reboxing and product testing before reintegrating items into Amazon FBA.

Advanced Reimbursement Advocacy

Axiom Prep enhances seller profits by aggressively seeking reimbursements for any damage or mix-ups during the return process. Their vigilant approach helps sellers recover funds and reduce financial setbacks.

Returns Management Process

In the realm of ecommerce business e-commerce, returns management refers to the efficient and cost-effective handling of returned products. It’s a systematic approach that manages the reverse flow of goods from customers, aiming for high customer satisfaction while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The process returns, typically includes key steps like:

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) authorization
  • The actual transportation of goods
  • Thorough inspection
  • Deciding on the final resolution for the returns management and removal.

Amazon sellers can tap Axiom Prep’s expertise. FBA sellers have a powerful tool at their disposal to handle the complexities of returns, transforming a headache into an opportunity to further enhance profit margins.

Axiom Prep’s commitment to efficiency, clarity in every step, and customized inventory strategies are reshaping the inventory management landscape for FBA sellers. 

Their approach not only simplifies the returns process but also opens up new avenues for revenue, ensuring sellers are equipped to maximize the value of every item in their inventory. 

Through Axiom Prep, FBA sellers gain access to a seamless integration of services designed to optimize the entire inventory lifecycle, from returns processing to final sales or disposal, setting a new standard in inventory optimization and profitability.


Benefits to Amazon FBA Sellers

Axiom Prep stands at the forefront when it comes to offering strategic solutions to Amazon FBA sellers grappling with the complexities of returns and inventory management.

Their comprehensive suite of services are designed to transform the traditional challenges of returns and removals into opportunities for growth and increased profitability. With Amazon’s liquidation services, a seller only gets a 5 percent return. However, with Axiom’s services, sellers can dramatically expand their profitability with the headache of dealing with time consuming returns themselves.

Enhanced Returns Process and Inventory Management

Axiom Prep streamlines the returns process with precision and care, ensuring every item undergoes a thorough inspection, is photographed, and cataloged. This process guarantees transparency by providing clients with the information needed to make strategic inventory decisions.

Flexible Disposition Options

Understanding the diverse needs of their clients, Axion Prep provides a variety of disposition strategies for returned inventory.

Whether it’s reintegrating products into Amazon FBA, selling them on alternative platforms like eBay, or opting for eco-conscious disposal, clients always have the option to choose the path that best meets their business objectives.

Managing Returns Data Through Proactive Reimbursement Claims

Axiom Prep’s proactive approach extends to filing for reimbursements for any damages or discrepancies encountered during the returns process. This diligent advocacy ensure that the clients’ financial interests are protected every step of the way, maximizing their returns and minimizing potential losses.

Transparent Client Communications

Through an intuitive client portal, Axiom Prep offers unparalleled transparency, allowing sellers to monitor their returns in real-time. This open communication channel ensures that clients are always informed and in control of their inventory management decisions.

Innovative Approach to Inventory Lifecycle Optimization

Axiom Prep redefines inventory management for Amazon FBA sellers by ensuring that every aspect of the inventory lifecycle, from returns processing to the final sale or disposal, is managed with efficiency and strategic insight.

The approach not only simplifies inventory management but also uncovers new avenues for revenue, ensuring clients’ businesses thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Understanding FBA Removals and Unfillable Inventory
Overcoming the complexities of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) removals and dealing with unfillable inventory can be a daunting challenge for sellers. These items, which can no longer be sold on Amazon due to damage, customer returns, or long-term storage issues. The items require strategic management to avoid financial losses.

Axiom Prep specializes in offering efficient solutions for these challenges, transforming burdensome removal orders into opportunities for recovery and profit.

By leveraging reverse logistics and direct-to-consumer strategies, Axiom Prep ensure that every piece of unfillable inventory is carefully evaluated and redirected to the most profitable channel, minimizing waste and maximizing returns.

FBA and Axiom Prep

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) revolutionizes e-commerce for sellers by handling storage, shipping, and customer service. However, managing returns and unfillable inventory—items that are damaged, defective, or otherwise unsellable on Amazon—poses significant challenges.

They are a financial loss to sellers and a logistics nightmare for ecommerce businesses that lack warehouse or storage space during the returns processes

The Challenge of Unfillable Inventory

When items are deemed unfillable, sellers must decide on the next steps: have Amazon dispose of the inventory, liquidate it at a fraction of the cost, or have it returned.

Each option has its drawbacks, including additional costs, minimal return on investment, and environmental impact. An online store can suffer severe financial losses in such circumstances.

Efficient Handling of Removal Orders

Axiom Prep specializes in managing FBA removals and unfillable inventory, offering a strategic alternative to traditional disposal or liquidation methods.

By handling removal orders efficiently, Axiom Prep ensures that sellers can focus on their core business without the hassle of dealing with returns logistics.

Sellers have the opportunity to free valuable time and man hours by letting Axiom Prep handle things. Not to mention they don’t have to consider storage solutions in the returns management system.

Reverse Logistics for Amazon Sellers

Leveraging reverse logistics, Axiom Prep provides a seamless process for sellers to recover as much value as possible from returns and unfillable inventory. This includes assessing the condition of returned items, determining their sellability on platforms outside of Amazon (such as eBay), and managing the resale process.

Direct to Consumer Strategies

For items that can no longer be sold on Amazon, Axiom Prep explores direct-to-consumer channels, such as eBay, to recuperate losses. This approach not only maximizes the return on unsellable inventory but also taps into a broader market beyond Amazon’s ecosystem.


Overcoming International Sellers’ Challenges

International sellers face additional hurdles, as returning inventory to their home country may not be viable.

Axiom Prep’s services are invaluable in these cases, offering alternatives like direct resale or environmentally responsible disposal, thus circumventing the need for international shipping.

Maximizing Profitability and Sustainability

Choosing to liquidate or dispose of inventory through Amazon not only results in lost revenue but also contributes to environmental waste. Axiom Prep advocates for more sustainable practices by repurposing or reselling items on eBay which effectively reduces the ecological footprint associated with disposal.

Reimbursement and Fulfillment Services

Axiom Prep goes beyond logistics, assisting sellers in filing for reimbursements for damaged or lost items and facilitating the fulfillment process for items sold on alternative platforms.

This streamlined approach ensures that sellers recover maximum value with minimal effort. Sellers don’t have to worry about wasting their valuable time. Instead they can let Axiom Prep handle all of the intricate details.

Valuing Your Time

For FBA sellers, time is a precious commodity. Outsourcing the complex, time-consuming process of managing returns and unfillable inventory to Axiom Prep allows sellers to dedicate more time to scaling their business and enhancing their product offerings.

Tracking Returns Patterns

With 30% of all products ordered online being returned in 2022, e-commerce returns management is of utmost importance, with fashion e-commerce returns being particularly high.

Retailers can leverage return rate metrics by SKU to pinpoint items with high return rates and uncover underlying issues, possibly impacting inventory decisions or product offerings.

Ecommerce companies benefit from tracking customer purchase and return behaviors to identify trends that may signal broader concerns with their product lineup or business operations.

Tracking return rates and return reasons is essential for retailers as it provides them with actionable and valuable data used to enhance their products and services.

Identifying returns patterns, such as common customer complaints about interface design, can suggest product improvements and lead to better design strategies.

Systematic analysis of return data for patterns can inform retailers about:

  • Product quality issues that may need attention during product development stages
  • Implementing best practices in analyzing return reasons can refine product offerings and enhance customer experiences, potentially leading to lower future return rates
  • Insights from customer returns data can aid in reducing return rates by informing retailers about customer preferences, buying habits, and product performance.

Understanding which products are being returned and why customers return them is fundamental to improving the customer experience and mitigating return costs.


Optimizing Reverse Logistics for Savings

Enhancing Customer Service Teams’ Efficiency

By making the returns and removal process more efficient and preventing damages, best practices in managing returns can reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Successfully implementing a returns management involves following essential steps to manage returns under the guidance of a top customer service team or success manager to streamline the process.

Outsourcing returns management to Axiom Prep and the use of returns management solution software helps businesses reinvest time and effort back into essential areas like marketing, product development, and overall business success.

Providing comprehensive customer support through multiple channels during returns-related inquiries can significantly enhance the customer’s experience.

A positive returns experience is crucial for maintaining customer lifetime value and enhancing brand loyalty.

Replenishing Inventory with Returned Goods

Prioritizing items that can be resold requires effective restocking strategies, such as categorizing returns by condition and refining the refurbishment process.

Returned products eligible for resale can be added back to inventory and offered as open box or refurbished items, contributing to inventory replenishment.

Utilizing software that tracks product costs with real-time updates is crucial for the accurate recalibration of inventory value when returns are restocked and develop effective return labels.

Remarketing returned items can take place through various channels, including discount online marketplaces, outlet stores, or through wholesale partnerships.

Crafting a Customer-Centric Returns Policy

To influence customers’ purchasing decisions and boost their overall satisfaction, a clear and user-friendly returns policy should be communicated prominently. The returns policy should include the types of products that can be returned, the return timeframe, and the refund or exchange process to prevent confusion and help optimize the business’s existing tech stack.

Companies can enhance customer satisfaction by embracing product returns as an opportunity to improve their satisfaction strategy with policies that are fair, flexible, and customer-centric.

Free return shipping for customers that shop most often increases the likelihood of repeat business and enhances the customer returns experience.

A flexible or lenient return policy can be used as a competitive advantage to attract more customers.

Balancing Firmness and Flexibility

To set customer expectations and prevent policy abuse, a clear Return & Refund Policy is essential. The policy should include the following information:

  • The cost of return
  • The allowed return timeframe
  • The form of refund
  • The return conditions and requirements
  • Case-by-case consideration

Extending the return period can cultivate customer loyalty and encourage customers return for future purchases due to increased confidence in the brand. On the other hand, time limitations for returns can help prevent abuse.

The introduction of restocking fees for larger items discourages frivolous returns and promotes thoughtful purchasing. Banning serial returners can limit repeat abuse but still offer the remedy of item exchange. Reducing return rates is possible by:

  • Clearly communicating return policies to customers
  • Providing accurate sizing guides
  • Offering a transparent returns authorization process
  • Ensuring first-time customers understand the hassle-free nature of the policy.

Legal Aspects of Returns Policies

Complying with legal requirements in returns policies involves ensuring that the policy doesn’t infringe upon consumer protection laws, like the right to return defective goods. The policies do not differ that much from e-commerce to brick and mortar store processes.

Here are some examples of legal requirements in different regions:

  • The Australian Consumer Law guarantees consumers the right to repair, replacement, or refund for a major failure, along with compensation for other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
  • EU law provides consumers with the right to return a product bought online within 14 days of receipt for a full refund, without needing to give any reason, as advised by the European Consumer Centre Network.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Consumer Contracts Regulations allow customers to cancel an order within 14 days of receiving their goods and have a further 14 days to return the goods for a full refund.

While the U.S. does not have federal laws governing returns and refunds, state laws such as those in California, Connecticut, and Florida require clear display of Return & Refund Policies, especially if they deviate from common expectations.

In states like Florida and New York, if a Return & Refund Policy is not posted conspicuously or does not exist, retailers are required to provide refunds within a specified timeframe.

Maryland law requires retailers to post their Return & Refund Policy and obligates them to accept returns within a reasonable time frame, and defective merchandise must be repaired, replaced, or refunded.


Curating a Positive Online Returns Experience

By enhancing product descriptions based on customer feedback, e-commerce retailers can reduce return rates, thus ensuring a matching of customer expectations and actual product attributes.

Free returns can serve as an incentive for customers to make more online purchases, knowing they can return items at no cost, which stimulates long-term purchase behavior.

Integrating online purchases with offline return options provides customers with flexible and convenient return experiences, strengthening loyalty.

Retailers offering the option online shoppers to buy online and return items in physical stores can differentiate themselves from competitors, attracting more customers who prefer such convenience.

Encouraging Customer Feedback During Returns

Insights for service improvement drive process improvements and product offering refinement can be garnered by encouraging feedback on the return process.

Proactively asking for customer opinions and using analytical tools such as word clouds to encourage feedback and detect common themes helps align product offerings with customer expectations.

Promptly addressing negative feedback and showing empathy to customer complaints by providing tangible solutions can transform negative experiences into positive outcomes.

By implementing an effective feedback loop to gain insight, businesses can continuously learn from customer insights, leading to ongoing product improvements, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Axiom Prep’s Returns Management Services

Axiom Prep’s returns management services offer a suite of benefits designed to transform the challenges of Amazon FBA returns and unfillable inventory into profitable opportunities for sellers.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Return Requests and Process Management: Automates and streamlines the handling of returns and unfillable inventory, reducing complexity for sellers.
  • Maximized Profit Recovery: Converts returned and unfillable items into additional revenue by listing them on alternative platforms like eBay.
  • Customized Handling Solutions: Offers personalized strategies for managing returns, including resale, recycling, and responsible disposal options through inventory management software and more.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly practices by minimizing waste and encouraging the reuse or recycling of returned items.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Frees up seller resources by managing the entire returns process, from inspection to resale, allowing sellers to focus on their core business.
  • Transparent Communication: Ensures sellers are always informed with detailed reports and updates on the status of their returns and management.

By leveraging Axiom Prep’s expertise, sellers can enjoy the following advantages:

Streamlined Return Process

Axiom Prep simplifies the return process by handling every aspect of returns and unfillable inventory. Sellers don’t have to worry about shipping costs, store credit, and more.

From receiving and inspecting returned items to making strategic decisions about their next steps using only the best returns management software, Axiom Prep’s efficient processing ensures that sellers can focus on their core business without being bogged down by the complexities of returns management and time consuming data analytics.

Enhanced Profit Recovery

Unlike traditional methods of dealing with returns, such as liquidation or disposal, which often result in minimal financial recovery, Axiom Prep maximizes the value recovered from returned and unfillable items.

By listing these items on alternative platforms like eBay, Axiom Prep helps sellers recoup a significant portion of their original investment, turning potential losses into additional revenue streams. The entire reverse logistics process becomes less of a headache for everyone involved.

Customized Solutions

Understanding that every seller’s needs are unique, Axiom Prep offers tailored handling options for returned and unfillable inventory.

Whether it’s shipping items back to Amazon FBA, selling them directly to consumers, or responsibly disposing of them, Axiom Prep works closely with sellers to develop a customized approach that aligns with their business goals and operational requirements.

The goal of Axiom Prep is to keep customers informed so they can better handle future returns and ensure they get to their final destination with the least amount of time and cost.

Environmental Responsibility

Axiom Prep is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of returns and unfillable inventory.

E-commerce businesses want to do what’s write for the world while still maintaining the store’s profits. This means making informed decisions on environment issues. and more.

By finding new avenues for resale or recycling, Axiom Prep not only helps sellers mitigate their environmental footprint but also promotes sustainability within the e-commerce ecosystem.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Managing returns can be a time-consuming and costly aspect of running an Amazon FBA business. Axiom Prep’s services free up valuable time and resources for sellers, allowing them to allocate more effort towards growth and development.

Moreover, by handling the intricacies of returns management, including filing for reimbursements and navigating Amazon’s policies, Axiom Prep reduces the financial strain on sellers, enhancing their overall profitability.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

Axiom Prep prides itself on maintaining open lines of communication with its clients, providing detailed reports and updates throughout the returns management process. This transparency ensures that sellers are always informed about the status of their inventory and can make data-driven decisions to optimize their return strategy.

Axiom Prep’s returns management benefits offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the logistical, financial, and environmental challenges associated with Amazon FBA returns. By partnering with Axiom Prep, sellers can not only alleviate the burden of returns management but also unlock new opportunities for revenue generation and business growth.



Partnering with Axiom Prep empowers Amazon FBA sellers to turn logistical challenges into opportunities for increased profitability and business growth. Through strategic management of FBA removals, reverse logistics, and innovative direct-to-consumer solutions, Axiom Prep offers a robust support system for sellers navigating the intricacies of e-commerce logistics.

By valuing sustainability, maximizing reimbursements, and saving sellers’ time, Axiom Prep is redefining success for Amazon FBA sellers. They encourage customer feedback to more effectively improve returns management across all steps.


Frequently Asked Questions on Return Management Process

The returns journey is complex but Axiom Prep can help streamline everything to ensure that sellers come out ahead instead of suffering losses. Buyers want a timely refund and sellers want to manage inventory effectively. They don’t want to perform repairs, struggle with warranty claims, stumble through payment processing or even lose valuable hours with the refund process.

Without a doubt, return shipments cost more than lost sales. They have to be handled in a timely manner.

1. What are FBA removals and unfillable inventory?

FBA removals refer to items that Amazon FBA sellers must remove from Amazon’s inventory for various reasons, including damage, customer returns, or overstock. Unfillable inventory includes products that cannot be sold through Amazon due to their condition or other factors. These scenarios require sellers to find alternative solutions to manage and potentially monetize these items.

2. How does Axiom Prep help with FBA removals and unfillable inventory?

Axiom Prep provides a comprehensive solution for FBA sellers facing challenges with removals and unfillable inventory. By offering services like efficient processing, customized handling options, and direct-to-consumer sales strategies, Axiom Prep turns potential losses into revenue-generating opportunities. The company also manages the entire process of listing these items on alternative platforms like eBay and filing for reimbursements for damages incurred.

3. Can Axiom Prep assist international sellers with FBA removals?

Yes, Axiom Prep offers specialized services for international sellers who cannot have their inventory shipped back to them. The company can either liquidate these items, ensuring a better return than Amazon’s liquidation service, or responsibly dispose of them, providing a more environmentally friendly option than landfilling.

4. What are the benefits of using Axiom Prep for direct-to-consumer sales?

Axiom Prep’s direct-to-consumer strategy allows sellers to bypass traditional retail channels, selling their products directly to buyers. This approach helps in recovering more value from returns and unfillable inventory by tapping into a broader market outside of Amazon, enhancing profitability and reducing dependency on a single platform.

5. How does Axiom Prep ensure environmental responsibility in its processes?

Axiom Prep prioritizes all key aspects and environmentally responsible methods for handling unfillable inventory and returns. Instead of advising clients to simply dispose of items, the company explores all possible avenues for resale, repurposing, or recycling, significantly reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

6. What makes Axiom Prep’s reimbursement services valuable for FBA sellers?

Axiom Prep’s proactive approach to filing for reimbursements on behalf of sellers ensures that any potential losses due to damages or discrepancies during the removal process are minimized. Sellers save money when Axiom Prep helps to minimize costs. This service saves sellers time and effort, allowing them to focus on their core business activities and order fulfillment while maximizing their financial recovery from returns and unfillable inventory.


Trading Terms of Conditions of Service

  1. APPLICABILITY.  These Trading Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms”) shall govern and apply to any and all Services, as that term is defined herein, which are provided by FCFBA, LLC, d/b/a Axiom Prep a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Georgia (“Axiom”) and all shipments or deliveries which are made by or to Axiom on behalf of the Client.  Trade custom, trade usage, past performance, and history of dealings are all superseded by these Terms and shall not be used to interpret or otherwise modify these Terms.
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    • “Axiom Client Portal” shall be defined as the electronic gateway made available by Axiom to the Client through which a collection of digital files, services, and information is available and may be accessed over the Internet through a web browser or otherwise.
    • “Axiom Prep Center” shall be defined as the Axiom facilities located at 4360 North Industrial Drive, Suite 300, Cumming, GA 30041, but such location is subject to change upon reasonable advanced notice to Client.  
    • “Carrier” shall be defined as the shipping company utilized to make deliveries of any Goods or Merchandise on the Client’s behalf by Axiom.
    • “Client” shall be defined as any individual or entity who sends Goods, as that term is defined herein, to Axiom for processing or creates an Axiom Client Portal for the purposes of utilizing any Services offered by Axiom.
    • “Customers” shall be defined as the individuals or entities to whom the Client has sold Merchandise who then ship or otherwise deliver such Merchandise to Axiom.
    • “Goods” shall be defined as the Merchandise which is received by Axiom from any Customers or other individual or entity on behalf of the Client which is to be processed by Axiom for the Client for sale on any Sales Platform, returned to Amazon FBA, or otherwise disposed of by Axiom for Client.
    • “FBA” shall be defined as the service known as “Fulfillment by Amazon” which is a service offered by Amazon in which the Client participates which allows the Client to utilize certain Amazon fulfillment centers for making sales to the Client’s customers.
    • “Merchandise” shall be defined as any products, goods, or other items received by Axiom on behalf of the Client.
    • “Purchasers” shall be defined as the individuals or entities who buy the Goods which have been delivered to Axiom for the benefit of the Client for resale on eBay, Etsy, or through another Sales Platform Account, as may be approved by the Client.
    • “Quote” shall be defined as the document provided to Client by Axiom which outlines the fees for the Services to be provided by Axiom to Client.
    • “Sales Platform Account” shall be defined as any site on which Axiom will receive returned Goods on behalf of the Client and/or any platform on which Axiom will list for sale the Good or products of Client for sale, including, but not limited to, Etsy, eBay and Amazon.
    • “Seller Central” shall be defined as the portal for accessing the Client’s Amazon seller account.
    • “Services” shall be defined as all labor, services, work, materials and other incidentals which are required or otherwise provided by Axiom to process the Goods of the Client and as may further be defined in the onboarding letter and/or quote provided by Axion to the Client.
    • “Welcome Letter or Initial Letter” shall be defined as the document provided by Axiom to Client outlining the specific Services which shall be provided by Axiom to the Client.  This Letter is subject to change upon notice from Axiom to Client as may be posted in the Axiom Client Portal or otherwise delivered to Client.
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    • Waiver of Liability for Negative Feedback/Review.  For the avoidance of all doubt the Client and the Client Released Parties hereby specifically and unequivocally release the Axiom Released Parties for any liability for any Claims or otherwise which may be related to any negative feedback or reviews which may be left on one or more of the Client’s Sales Platform Accounts, including any negative action which may be taken against the Client or the Client’s Sales Platform Account by the host of such Sales Platform Account, including, but not limited to, any temporary or permanent suspension of Client’s use of the Sales Platform Account, the temporary or permanent reduction in the Client’s ability to use the Sales Platform Account, and/or any fines or increase in fees or charges which may be levied against the Client by the host of the Sales Platform Accounts.

    • Waiver of Liability for Mislabeled or Misbranded Goods.  For the avoidance of all doubt, the Client Released Parties hereby specifically and unequivocally release the Axiom Released Parties for any liability for any Claims or otherwise which may be related to an error in any posting or listing on any Sales Platform Accounts by Axiom.  The Client acknowledges and agrees that Axiom may rely upon all boxes, branding, labels, and packaging found on any of the Goods in making any posting on any Sales Platform Accounts.  The Client specifically assumes any and all responsibility for all such boxes, branding, labeling, and packaging found on or for any of the Goods sent to Axiom.  Moreover, Client agrees that they shall check any listing made by Axiom on all Sales Platform Accounts for accuracy and if any discrepancy exists between the listing and the Goods, it shall be the Client’s responsibility to promptly notify Axiom.  The Client’s failure to notify Axiom of any discrepancy or error shall release Axiom from any liability for such discrepancy or error in the listings.

    • Waiver of Liability for Account Health.  For the avoidance of all doubt, the Client Released Parties hereby specifically and unequivocally release the Axiom Released Parties for any liability for any Claims or otherwise which may be related to the “account health” of any of the Client’s Sales Platform Accounts.  For purposes of these Terms, “account health” shall mean the status of the Client’s account with the host of the Sales Platform Account.
  7. RELEASE FOR LIABILITY FOR SECURITY BREACHES.  Axiom agrees to implement and maintain policies, procedures, technical, physical, and administrative safeguards designed to maintain the security and confidentiality of all information received from the Client, including, but not limited to the Client’s login information for all Sales Platform Accounts, however Axiom cannot control the access or security on such third party platforms. The Client acknowledges and agrees that Axiom shall not be responsible for the privacy practices or security of any Sales Platform Accounts.  The Client Releasing Parties hereby releases the Axiom Released Parties from any and all Claims or liability which may be related to any security breach, loss of data, or irreparable damage, including but not limited to monetary loss or injury to Client’s reputation, that may occur as a result of the Client’s use of any Sales Platform Accounts.  The Client Releasing Parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Axiom Released Parties, as that term is defined herein, from any data loss or other damages which may occur as the result of the use of any Sales Platform Accounts, regardless if such loss or damage is alleged to have occurred as a result of the intentional acts or negligence of Client, any Axiom Released Party, or any third party.
  8. SHIPPING COSTS AND INSURANCE.  All shipping labels for any Goods sent to Purchasers or back to any Sales Platform Account hosts are generated through the Client’s Sales Platform Accounts.  Where applicable, the Client has selected the means and method by which any shipments are sent, including, but not limited to, whether the Client would like for any shipments to be made with insurance that may be provided by any carrier. The Client will be solely responsible for making the election to ship any Goods or Merchandise with or without insurance and indicate so on their Sales Platform Accounts. Axiom will, where applicable, provide shipping materials only to facilitate any required shipment. Axiom does not provide any insurance or any other warranty or guarantees for any shipments, and the Client has agreed to accept all responsibility for insuring any shipments.  Where applicable, the Client may receive an invoice from the host of the Sales Platform Accounts for the shipping of any Goods or Merchandise.  The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Client is solely responsible for any and all costs associated with all shipments and insurance which may be prepared and sent by Axiom on the Client’s behalf.   
  9. RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES IN SHIPMENT:  The Client Releasing Parties hereby expressly and unequivocally release the Axiom Released Parties from any liability relating to any Claims related to lost packages, damage to any packages in shipment, or any missing parts or components that may occur during transportation of any Goods from Axiom’s Prep Center or other location to the destination as requested by Client or the Purchaser.  Client further agrees to hold the Axiom Released Parties free from any liability, including financial responsibility, for any damages or loss to any Goods or shipment incurred, regardless of whether damages or loss are caused by the alleged negligence on the part of the Axiom Released Parties and/or the Carrier utilized by Axiom, as Client selected the shipping method through their Sales Platform Accounts.  Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for any packages lost or damaged in shipment shall be against the Carrier and subject to any insurance that the Client may have elected to purchase.  If the Client has not elected to purchase insurance with the Carrier, the Client shall assume all risk for all shipments of Goods or Merchandise. If the Client would like Axiom to purchase insurance for any shipment sent by Axiom to any Purchasers thought the Carrier, Client must specifically advise Axiom of which shipments should be insured and agree to assume responsibility for the cost of such insurance.  Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that Client shall look exclusively to such insurance or the Carrier for any losses or claims of damage for any Goods alleged to have been damaged in shipment.
  10. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DISCLOSURE.  Client warrants that all Merchandise and Goods do not and shall not infringe on the patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property rights (collectively “Intellectual Property”) of a third party.  Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that Client will not deliver to Axiom any products for sale on behalf of Client which Client knows or has been advised may be subject to an Intellectual Property infringement claim. Client agrees to fully disclose to Axiom any claims or allegations of Intellectual Property infringement related to any Goods which have been delivered to Axiom for sale to Purchasers.  
  11. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INDEMNITY. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Client shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Axiom Released Parties harmless from and against any and all claims resulting from allegations of infringement of any patents, copyrights, trade secret, or similar intellectual property rights covering the Goods provided to Axiom for sale or transportation under these Terms. If Axiom’s sale or delivery of any Goods or Merchandise provided by Client is enjoined based on an Intellectual Property infringement claim, Client shall, at its own expense, either procure for Axiom the right to continue to sell or transport the Goods or Merchandise or, Client shall, at the election of Axiom, and at Client’s sole expense, arrange for the infringing Goods or Merchandise to be picked up from Axiom or otherwise destroyed.  This indemnity clause shall survive the termination of these Terms.
  12. ACCOUNTING INFORMATION.  Axiom shall prepare and provide to Client an interactive and regularly updated inventory information for all of the Client’s Goods which Axiom has in its possession for sale.  This inventory shall be available through the Axiom Client Portal.
    • Axiom will charge Client a monthly invoice rate for all returns management services provided by Axiom as provided in the Quote.  This fee includes all costs associated with processing, administration, listing, and storage needs.  The monthly invoice rate also includes charges for Fulfilment by Amazon (“FBA”) should items be returned to Amazon.  Axiom does not charge any additional commission, storage, processing, listing, or fulfillment fees of any kind.  Additional charges may be owed by the Client as provided in the Quote, or as otherwise provided by Axiom to the Client in advance for any additional Services which may be provided on the Client’s behalf.


    • Axiom bills on the last day of each month and will send Client an electronic invoice to the email address on file for Client.  All invoices are due within ten (10) days from the date of the invoice. The Client is responsible for updating their email address with Axiom as needed.  Failure to pay any invoice as and when due shall result in the Client’s account with Axiom being in default.  Such default shall result in Axiom ceasing to provide any further Services to Client until the account is no longer in default.  Should the Client’s Account remain in default for a period in excess of thirty (30) days, Axiom may send demand to the Client to make arrangements to have all of the Client’s Goods removed from the Axiom Prep Center.


    • Axiom shall assess interest on all invoices at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum for all invoices which remain unpaid after thirty (30) days from the invoice date. 

    • All reasonable costs of collection incurred by Axiom in attempting to collect the past due indebtedness of any Client, including out-of-pocket expenses, insufficient funds expenses, administrative and record-keeping costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and all service charges and costs shall be the responsibility of the Client.

    The Parties specifically acknowledge and agree that the limitation of liability contained herein is not intended to act as a penalty, but rather are solely intended to compensate for damages which may otherwise be uncertain. This is the Client’s only remedy regardless of the legal theory used to establish or otherwise may be used to find Axiom liable.

  15. RISK OF LOSS. Client assumes all risk of loss for Goods and Merchandise, including casualty loss, prior to and after delivery of the Goods or Merchandise to Axiom. Client specifically releases Axiom from any and all liability for any Goods or Merchandise which may be lost, damaged, or otherwise while in the possession of Axiom or stored at the Axiom Prep Center.  The Client understands and acknowledges that if the Goods or Merchandise are damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed for any reason or by any cause, including but not limited to acts of God, nature, weather, fire, theft, or otherwise, the Client’s only recourse will be through any insurance which the Client has secured to cover, at Client’s sole expense, for such Goods or Merchandise.
  16. WAIVER FOR RISK OF LOSS.  Client acknowledges and agrees that Axiom has made no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the storage or security of the Goods or Merchandise which are sent to the Axiom Prep Center.  The Client further acknowledges and agrees that Axiom will have no responsibility for the safekeeping of the Goods or Merchandise and that such storage does not create any related obligations on the part of Axiom.  The Client agrees to assume full responsibility for, and risk of, property damages for all Goods which may be stored at Axiom’s Prep Center or otherwise held by Axiom.
  17. RELEASE FOR RISK OF LOSS.  The Client does hereby release, acquit, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue any Axiom Released Parties, as previously defined herein, from any and all liability to Client for any Claims related to the loss, theft, damage (including mold or mildew), destruction, claim, demands, costs, and expenses (including attorney fees), in connection with the Client’s Goods or Merchandise which may be stored at Axiom’s Prep Center or otherwise held by Axiom.
  18. WAIVER OF RIGHTS UNDER BAILMENT LAW.  Client hereby specifically and unequivocally waives any rights they may have and release Axiom from any obligations that they may have under the laws which may pertain to the safety and keeping of property under any applicable laws which pertain to bailment, specifically as may be contained in O.C.G.A. §44-12-40 et seq., including, to the extent such may apply, but not limited to O.C.G.A. §44-12-43, §44-12-44, §44-12-64, and §44-12-112.  Axiom shall have no duty of diligence or other liability for any Goods or Merchandise, even if any such Goods or Merchandise are lost or damaged and the loss or damage was a consequence of Axiom’s negligence.
  19. INSURANCE. Client shall maintain property damage, liability insurance, insurance against loss, theft, or damage to the Goods and Merchandise in an amount no less than the Casualty Value of the Goods or Merchandise, or in such other amount as may be acceptable to Client with each such insurance policy naming Axiom as an additional insured thereof. Client shall provide Axiom with a Certificate of Insurance upon request.  Client acknowledges and agrees that Axiom will not insure the Goods or Merchandise against damage, theft, casualty, or loss of any kind.
  20. TIME TO BRING SUIT; VENUE; GOVERNING LAW. Any lawsuit or other legal proceeding arising out of or relating to these Terms, whether based upon contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, must be brought no later than one year from the date of the event which caused the loss, or damage or the shortest period of time allowed by law. These Terms and any other agreements by and between the Parties are made and entered into in Forsyth County, Georgia. Any legal proceeding arising out of or relating to these Terms or any other agreements between the Parties must be brought in the Courts of Forsyth County, Georgia.  The Parties specifically acknowledge and agree that the laws of the State of Georgia shall govern and apply to these Terms and any other agreements between the Parties regardless of choice-of-law rules.
  21. SURVIVAL. Any provisions of these Terms that impose continuing obligations upon a Party or, by their nature or terms, would be reasonably understood to have been intended to survive and continue in force and effect after expiration or termination of the business relationship between the Parties, shall remain in force and effect after such expiration or termination for so long as intended. 
  22. ENTIRE AGREEMENT.  It is agreed by the Parties hereto that the terms, covenants and conditions of these Terms shall prevail in the event of any conflict, inconsistency or ambiguity between these Terms and any other agreement, instrument or document to which Axiom and Client are a party.  These Terms contain the entire written understanding between them respecting the subject matter herein. There are no representations, agreements or understandings, oral or written, between and among the Parties hereto relating to the subject matter of these Terms which are not fully expressed herein. 
  23. AMENDMENTS.  These Terms may not be amended, modified or supplemented except in a writing by Axiom with notice provided to the Client.  No trade custom, trade usage, past performance, or history of dealings between the Parties shall supersede these Terms and shall not be used to interpret or otherwise modify these Terms.
  24. NOTICES.  All notices required or permitted herein shall be given in writing and shall be delivered if to Client, via the Client Portal, otherwise via an independent courier company, overnight delivery with tracking, sent by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid and addressed to the Parties at the addresses set forth below or at such other addresses as may be designated in writing from time to time by a party hereto to the other party hereto:

    If to Axiom: Attn: Kevin M. Cleveland, 4360 North Industrial Dr., Cumming, GA30041

    If to Client: The Client’s address as found in the Axiom Client Portal

    (or such other addresses as may be furnished by the Parties.)

    All notices, properly addressed and sent in accordance with this Section, shall be deemed delivered three business days after such notice has been placed for delivery with an approved carrier, or the date of confirmed delivery, whichever occurs sooner.

  25. WAIVER. No failure on the part of either Party hereto to exercise, and no unreasonable delay by either Party hereto in exercising, any right hereunder, shall operate as a waiver hereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right by either party hereto exclude any other or future exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right. To be effective, all waivers must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the Party to be charged. Client specifically waives any claims or cause of action for fraud in the inducement or execution related hereto.
  26. SEVERABILITY.  Whenever possible, each provision of these Terms shall be interpreted in such manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law, but if any provision of these Terms or any application thereof is determined to be  illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under present or future laws in effect during the duration of these Terms, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms shall not be affected thereby, and in lieu of such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision, there shall be added automatically as part of these Terms a provision as similar in terms to such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision as may be legal, valid and enforceable. Neither Party shall assert or claim that these Terms or any provision hereof is void or voidable if such Party performs under these Terms without prompt and timely written objection.  
  27. INTERPRETATION; CONSTRUCTION. The captions are for convenience of reference only and have no force in the interpretation or construction of these Terms. The neuter includes the masculine or feminine gender, and the singular includes the plural wherever the context requires. Each term of these Terms is a condition to be fully performed. The rule of construction that ambiguities are resolved against the drafting party does not apply in interpreting these Terms.
  28. AUTHORIZED SIGNATORIES; ELECTRONIC AND DUPLICATE COPIES. The individuals signing any documents or agreements on behalf of Client are authorized signatories, and have the full power to enter into such agreements and accept these Terms on behalf of Client, and to make the representations and warranties contained in these Terms or any other agreement. Delivery of any signed agreement or document by facsimile or other electronic means is as binding as delivery of an originally signed document or agreement. These Term and any other agreement or documents arising out of or relating to these Terms may be delivered, stored, or reproduced by electronic or mechanical means. An electronic version of these Terms or any other agreement between the Parties is legally equivalent to the original for all purposes, including litigation.  Any agreement or document between the Parties may be executed in separate counterparts, each of which is deemed to be an original and all of which taken together constitute one and the same agreement.

By signing this document, you agree to these terms in their entirety.